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Title Instrumentation Audio Excerpt
Clan of the Lichens, The (2004)
I. All Things Live
III. The Prayer Wind
IV. A Tale for Children (and Taller Ones)
cycle for soprano and piano
mp3, 3:04, 2.9 MB
low voice, high voice
mp3, 2:09, 2 MB
Ich Bin du Angstlicher (2002) high voice, string quartet mp3, 0:48, 0.9 MB
Nattsanger (excerpts) (2008)
IV. Lavmaelt
VI. Nattmusikk
VII. Sjøfugl

cycle for soprano, clarinet, piano

mp3, 1:34, 1.5 MB
mp3, 2:25, 2.2 MB
mp3, 2:34, 2.4 MB
Prologue (1998, rev. 2008) voice, bassoon or bass clarinet mp3, 2:45, 2.6 MB
You That Make Your Way (1998) low voice, piano mp3, 0:47, 0.7 MB
Aililiú, ó Íosa (2005)
I. An Caoineadh
II. Quis est Deus
III. Gaudeant caeli

sop. solo, Gaelic harp, vielle, SATB
coutertenor solo, vielle, SATB
TB, vielle, bodhrán

mp3 excerpt, 1.8 MB
mp3 excerpt, 2.8 MB
mp3, 2:30, 1.5 MB
Fantasia for Joy (2004) Hardanger fiddle trio, organ mp3, 3:00, 2.8 MB
Four Carols of Alfred Burt (2005) flute, harp mp3, 1:18, 1.0 MB
Steady Roll (2002) guitar ("button" for MPR news) mp3, 0:20, 0.3 MB
CHRISTMAS CAROLS (Burt Family Carols Series)
Behind the Clouds (2008) SATB carol mp3, 1:30, 1.5 MB
Hail, Christmas Day! (2003) SATB carol mp3, 1:30, 1.5 MB
He Might Have Come (2002) SATB carol mp3/interview, 1.7 MB
In a Far Judean City (2001) SATB carol mp3, 1:56, 1.8 MB
Prayer for Peace (2004) SATB carol mp3, 3:37, 2.1 MB
Run, Toboggan, Run (2007) SATB carol mp3, 1:41, 3.9 MB
Shem Speaks (2006) SATB carol mp3, 2:38, 2.5 MB
Song of the Pines (2005) SATB carol mp3, 4:14, 2.5 MB
Assurance (2000) SATB div., a cappella mp3, 1:42, 1.6 MB
Babe of Bethlehem, The (arr.) (2004) SATB div., a cappella mp3, 3:34, 3.3 MB
Bar xizam (Upward I rise) (2007) SATB div., s.a.t. solos mp3, 8:00, 7.4 MB
Carmina mei cordis(2004) SATB a cappella mp3, 3:00, 2.8 MB
Cedit, Hyems(2003) SATB div., flute mp3, 1:09, 0.8 MB
From Behind the Caravan (2007)
I. we have come
II. suffer no grief
III. closer to the fire
IV. boatpeople
V. we have come (reprise)
SSAA div., vielle or viola,
hand drums, optional Oud

mp3, 2:45, 2.5 MB
mp3, 4:19, 4 MB
mp3, 1:22, 1.3 MB
mp3, 3:45, 3.5 MB
mp3, 2:05, 2 MB
Gloria! (2001) SATB vocal jazz mp3, 2:12, 2.0 MB
Jerusalem Luminosa (2001) SA a cappella mp3, flash
Long Time Trav'ling (2005) SATB div., a cappella mp3, 4:15, 4.0 MB
Mary and Gabriel (2006) SATB, soloists, percussion mp3, 3:12, 3.1 MB
Remember, O Thou Man (arr.) (2006) SATB div., cello, harp mp3, 7:00, 5.4 MB
To the Evening Star (2005) SATB a cappella mp3, 5:00, 4.7 MB
Songs of Smaller Creatures (2006)
I. The Bees' Song
II. A noiseless, patient spider
III. Envoi
SATB div., a cappella
mp3, 0:55, 0.9 MB
mp3, 3:00, 2.7 MB
mp3, 3:13, 3.0 MB
Yhinx: Ancient Greek Love Charm (2003) TTBB a cappella mp3, 4:00, 3.7 MB
Begin to Move Around (2000) voice, timpani, computer mp3, 1:52, 1.7 MB
I'm Scared (1997-ish?) my dad's reel-to-reel mp3, 2:30, 2.3 MB
Leave Me Here (2003) SSAA and female solo mp3, 1:33, 1.4 MB
My Heart is Longing to Praise My Savior (2004) soprano, viola, piano
(opt'l congregation)
mp3, 2:30, 1.7 MB

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