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Expectans expectavi (psalm settings for chorus and orchestra):
The highlight was a world premiere by Abbie Betinis, a three-time cancer survivor . . . brooding, dissonant. . . against bold instrumental flourishes. . . managed to feel both cathartic and unresolved. Boston Globe, 2011

Long Time Trav'ling:
But the freshest of these pieces was the program's finale, Abbie Betinis's inventive, richly melodic "Long Time Trav'ling."
New York Times, 2011
Bar xizam (Upward I rise):
A high point in the program . . . The audience sat silently, transfixed by the beauty and creativity of the piece and granted the composer, who was in the audience, a prolonged ovation. At intermission she was besieged by admirers.
Telegram (Worcester, MA), 2010

The most striking setting came from the pen of 29-year-old composer, Abbie Betinis . . . an audacious tour de force . . . vaulting muezzin-like solos, shifting textures, and rapidly soaring accelerandos . . . This is extraordinary music by a greatly gifted young composer. Chicago Classical Review, 2010

. . . superb. . . stunningly performed: the medieval Persian mixing with contemporary vocal devices in a whirling, soaring vision of the soul after death. One particular highlight was the excellent duet between the resonant mezzo and swooping, bird-like soprano soloists. Tacoma News Tribune, 2007

From Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hafez:
. . .new and fascinating. . . Both Betinis’ and Whitacre’s song cycles were written at the age of 26, and given their originality and appeal, both composers are ones whose many more works should be anticipated eagerly."
The Gathering Note (Seattle, WA), 2008

A jaw-dropping piece . . . mystical and moving. Classical Voice of North Carolina, 2011

Remember, O Thou Man:
...honors its origins while making it more contemporary and compelling. Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2006

In This Tyme of Chrystmas:
Spellbinding . . . the standout . . . Betinis has created something enduringly ancient in sound. St Paul Pioneer Press, 2010

...written in a style consistent with that of the Elizabethan songs around it, it proved a liltingly sweet slice of parenthood, superbly sung by the group. St Paul Pioneer Press, 2006

Aililiú, ó Íosa:
...fit effectively into the musical palette and added to the drama. [Betinis] set period texts to music and while she used contemporary sonorities, she did so with such sensitivity that they were still of a piece with the rest of the program. This was one of the most elaborate productions the Rose Ensemble has attempted, and one of the most winning."
Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2005
The Clan of the Lichens:
'Lichens' alternated bursts of melodic invention with dreamlike passages of impressionist harmony. In the work's highlight, its agile fourth movement, piano glissandi represented the endless flight of a comet that yearns for rest.
The Manitou Messenger, St. Olaf College, 2005
Psalm 126:
. . .truly striking. . .Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians, 2004

...an exciting new setting of "Psalm 126"...CD review, The American Organist, 2005

Cedit Hyems (Be gone, Winter!):
...most audacious. . .edgy in depicting a troubled world and thrilling in the joy of the Nativity.
Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2003

Blessed Be the Lord, My Rock:
I sang with much strength and feeling because it is the type of song that has a good message. I was very honored to be in the first group to perform it. The night that we performed it, I saw tears in people's eyes. That made me feel like I was passing the message along in the right way. Julie Moravec, student; White Bear Lake HS, 2003